AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK Bagged vacuum cleaner

AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK
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Energy consumption

Energy consumption

700 w

Capacity | Bag Size

Capacity | Bag Size

3.0 l

Operating Radius

Operating Radius

6.0 m

Noise Level

Noise Level

76 dB

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Pros and cons

During our research of AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK, we have read several reviews from buyers. In short, this is what the buyers think of AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK

4 Pros
  • Many buyers are impressed with the suction power, and quiet operation of the AmazonBasics bagged vacuum cleaner.
  • Several customers are pleased with the cleaning performance and efficiency of removing pet hair from carpets and hard floors.
  • Most customers are happy with the easy assembly and ease of use of the bagged vacuum cleaner.
  • Customers with allergies expressed that they are highly pleased with the HEPA filter, which extracts of allergens and fine dust and circulates clean air.
2 Cons
  • Few customers complained that the filters get clogged with hair and fur quickly and need frequent cleaning for maintaining good suction.
  • There are also few complaints from customers that the vacuum cleaner is light in weight that it easily flips over when the power cord is pulled.

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This AmazonBasics cylinder vacuum cleaner features a large 3 L capacity bag and powerful 700 W motor. Designed to clean modern homes easily, this affordable model offers Class A performance for both cleaning and energy efficiency. The AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK features a triple action nozzle, washable HEPA filter design, and exceptionally quiet performance.

Energy consumption

The AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK offers outstanding energy efficiency with just 27 kWh of usage per year. This is a very good rating for a vacuum cleaner in this price range, which means less impact on the environment and lower energy bills.

Cleaning ability

This cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with a triple action nozzle that allows it to work well across all surfaces. This AmazonBasics model is in Carpet Cleaning Performance Class D and Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class A. While this design functions better on hard surfaces, it’s also versatile enough to clean upholstery and furniture.

Filter and dust emission

The AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK comes with an advanced HEPA 12 filter, which means it can trap 99.5% of all dust particles that pass through it. The filter is both removable and washable so you can use it time and time again. This cylinder vacuum is in Dust Re-emission Class A, which means purer exhaust air and a cleaner home.

Functionality and features

This affordable cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with a range of in-built features and accessories, including a floor/carpet foot switch, fabric and paper dust bags, and a range of cleaning tools. The accessory holder keeps all of the accessories in place, including the dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle.


The AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK has a large 3 L capacity and 6 m operating radius. The weight of this black vacuum cleaner is just 3.81 kg and the operating noise level is 78 dB.

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caret-up caret-down Product information
AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK Henry Numatic HVR200-11 Henry Compact HVR 160-11
Name AmazonBasics VCB43B1-70EUK Henry Numatic HVR200-11 Henry Compact HVR 160-11
Rank Rank 8 of 10 Rank 1 of 10 Rank 2 of 10
8055 reviews
15241 reviews
15167 reviews
Price 57 £ 140 £ 112 £
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Power 700 watt 620 watt 620 watt
Annual energy consumption 27.0 kWh 25.2 kWh 27.0 kWh
caret-up caret-down Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance C C D
Hard floor cleaning performance A C C
caret-up caret-down Filter
Filter EPA 12
caret-up caret-down Technical Details
Noise Level 76 dB 72 dB 72 dB
Capacity 3.0 liter 9.0 liter 6.0 liter
Operating Radius 6.0 m 26.8 m 10.0 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
caret-up caret-down Nozzles
Crevice nozzle
Furniture brush
Parquet nozzle
Motorized Floor Nozzle
Combi Floor Nozzle
Mini Turbo brush
Turbo brush
Round brush
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 34.5 cm
Width 31.5 cm
Depth 34.0 cm
Weight 3.8 kg kg 8.1 kg 7.5 kg

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User reviews
8.055 Reviews

caret-up caret-down User reviews

8.055 reviews

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Specifications caret-up caret-down

Energy consumption
700 watt
Annual energy consumption
27.0 kWh
Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance
Hard floor cleaning performance
Dust Re-emission Class
EPA 12
Technical Details
Noise Level
76 dB
3.0 l
Operating Radius
6.0 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
Dimensions and weight
3.8 kg kg
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