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Wondering which deep fryers stand out? We've compared 3 deep fryers, ranking them from best to worst based on feedback from 17,414 users.

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  1. The Best

    Tefal FR8040
    Deep fryer
    Capacity: 1.3 kg
    Temperature: 150°C - 190°C
    (4.6) 9250 reviews
  2. 2

    Tefal Super Uno FR3140
    Deep fryer
    Capacity: 1.4 kg
    Temperature: 170°C - 190°C
    (4.5) 6050 reviews
  3. The Cheapest

    Princess 183001
    Amazon UK £86
    Deep fryer
    Capacity: 0.6 kg
    Temperature: 150°C - 190°C
    (4.3) 1163 reviews
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11. April 2024

Buying guide

Unsure of which deep fryer is the best choice for you? With our buying guide, you can learn more about which deep fryer suits your needs.


Consider the amount of food you plan to cook regularly. Choose a fryer with an appropriate capacity to meet your needs.

The distribution in capacity across the deep fryers is shown in the following chart:

Updated April 19, 2024

Shape and size

Consider the fryer’s shape and size to effectively fit your kitchen layout and storage space.


Determine your budget and try to find a deep fryer that offers the features you need within that price range.

The cheapest deep fryer on our list costs £86, while the most expensive one costs £140. The following chart shows the price distribution among the deep fryers.

Updated April 19, 2024

The cheapest deep fryer is the Princess 183001. These are the five cheapest deep fryers in our comparison:

Deep fryer Price
Updated April 19, 2024

What is the electricity cost of using a deep fryer?

per kWh

Depending on your chosen model, deep fryers have an average power of 2433 watts, varying from 1800 to 3200 watts.

With an electricity price of £0.3 per kWh, one hour of use with an average fryer will cost £0.7.


Deep fryer Power Electricity costs per hour
Deep fryer with the lowest power 1800 watts £0.5
An average fryer 2433 watts £0.7
Deep fryer with the highest power 3200 watts £1.0

The actual electricity costs associated with your deep fryer will depend on the electricity price, the usage time, and the power of the deep fryer.

Adjustable thermostat

Look for deep fryers with adjustable temperature settings and built-in timers for precise cooking control. Different foods require different frying temperatures, so versatility is essential.

Both adjustable temperature and timer functions are standard functions across deep fryers.


Ensure the fryer has safety features like a cool-touch exterior, a locking lid, and an automatic shut-off function.

Cleaning and maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance are essential for regular use:

  • Opt for a device with removable, dishwasher-safe parts for easier cleaning.
  • A detachable lid makes anti-odor filter cleaning easier.
  • Models with non-stick coatings are more convenient to clean.

Other things

  • Built-in oil filtration system: Some fryers come with built-in oil filtration systems that make it easy to reuse oil. This can save you money and reduce waste.
  • Oil drainage system: Check if the fryer has a convenient oil drainage system for easy oil disposal and cleaning.



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caret-up caret-down Product information
Tefal FR8040 Tefal Super Uno FR3140
Princess 183001
Name Tefal FR8040 Tefal Super Uno FR3140 Princess 183001
9250 reviews
6050 reviews
1163 reviews
Price £134 £140 £86
caret-up caret-down Characteristics
Power 2300 Watt 1800 Watt 3200 Watt
Food capacity 1.3 kg 1.4 kg 0.6 kg
Volume 3.5 l 2.2 l 3.0 l
Min. temperature 150°C 170°C 150°C
Max. temperature 190°C 190°C 190°C
Housing material Metal Plastic Stainless Steel
Number of pre-programmed programs
caret-up caret-down Functions
Adjustable temperature
App connectivity
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 31.0 cm 28.5 cm 26.3 cm
Width 27.5 cm 21.5 cm
Depth 37.5 cm 37.0 cm
Weight 6.5 kg 3.3 kg 3.0 kg
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