Duronic VC5010 Bagless vacuum cleaner

Duronic VC5010
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Energy consumption

Energy consumption

500 w

Capacity | Bag Size

Capacity | Bag Size

4.0 l

Operating Radius

Operating Radius

6.0 m

Noise Level

Noise Level

72 dB

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Pros and cons

During our research of Duronic VC5010, we have read several reviews from buyers. In short, this is what the buyers think of Duronic VC5010

5 Pros
  • Most buyers are happy with the compact, quiet and reasonable suction of the Duronic bagless vacuum cleaner.
  • Many customers are impressed with the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner picking up pet hair, seeds and feathers from both carpets and hard floors.
  • Several customers expressed that cleaning the dust collection bin is easy and can be quickly done even by a small kid.
  • Customers also mentioned that the vacuum cleaner operates quietly making it pet and child friendly.
  • According to the buyers' reviews, the Duronic bagless vacuum cleaner is a great product with good suction power in the given price range.
2 Cons
  • Few customers complained that the suction power is lost just in few months of usage.
  • There are also complains that bagless vacuum cleaner turned inefficient in cleaning carpets and the turbo brush stopped rotating after few weeks of use.

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The Duronic VC5010 is an electric bagless vacuum with a Cyclonic cylinder and a fantastic A+ energy rating. This super-efficient vacuum cleaner features a long reach and a number of special features that make it ideal for a range of applications. The small, compact, and highly-durable design makes it a perfect match for the modern home.

Energy consumption

The Duronic VC5010 operates with a 500W motor. This vacuum cleaner is in energy efficiency class A+, making it one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners on the market. The average annual energy consumption of this model is just 20kWh/annum, which means it’s more cost-effective compared to the competition.

Cleaning ability

The Duronic VC5010 provides is equipped with a powerful motor and versatile range of accessories that ensure a deep clean every time, all with a minimal energy consumption. This vacuum cleaner is in carpet cleaning performance class D and hard floor cleaning performance class A.

Filter and dust emission

This Duronic vacuum cleaner features an impressive HEPA filter that effectively traps small dust particles. The Duronic VC5010 is in class A for filtration efficiency, which is fantastic for a vacuum cleaner in this price range.

Functionality and features

There’s no shortage of features in the Duronic VC5010. Along with the efficient motor and convenient bagless design, you also get additional carpet and hard floor accessories, an extra-long 6-metre cable, a telescopic tube, and a dust canister that delivers extremely powerful suction. With a 4-litre dust capacity and no bags, this vacuum cleaner doesn’t need changing as often as smaller capacity vacuum cleaners.


The Duronic VC5010 has a weight of 6.3kg and package dimensions of 42 x 30 x 28cm. It’s available in black and red and is sold with all of Duronic’s much-coveted tools and accessories. The noise level in decibels is only 72dB, which makes operation particularly convenient.

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caret-up caret-down Product information
Duronic VC5010 Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine SKRF3 Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence EcoLine SKCP3
Name Duronic VC5010 Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine SKRF3 Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence EcoLine SKCP3
Rank Rank 8 of 8 Rank 1 of 8 Rank 2 of 8
1340 reviews
3103 reviews
1046 reviews
Price 68 £ 309 £ 299 £
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Power 500 watt 890 watt 550 watt
Annual energy consumption 20.0 kWh 28.0 kWh 20.5 kWh
caret-up caret-down Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance D C
Hard floor cleaning performance A A
caret-up caret-down Filter
Filter AirClean
caret-up caret-down Technical Details
Noise Level 72 dB 77 dB 71 dB
Capacity 4.0 l 2.0 l 2.0 l
Operating Radius 6.0 meter 11.0 meter 11.0 meter
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
caret-up caret-down Nozzles
Crevice nozzle
Furniture brush
Parquet nozzle
Motorized Floor Nozzle
Combi Floor Nozzle
Mini Turbo brush
Turbo brush
Round brush
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight

Reviews caret-up caret-down

User reviews
1.340 Reviews

caret-up caret-down User reviews

1.340 reviews

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Specifications caret-up caret-down

Energy consumption
500 watt
Annual energy consumption
20.0 kWh
Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance
Hard floor cleaning performance
Dust Re-emission Class
Technical Details
Noise Level
72 dB
4.0 l
Operating Radius
6.0 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
Dimensions and weight
6.3 kg
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