7 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

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02. June 2022

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7 best handheld vacuum cleaners

Rank Image Handheld vacuum cleaner Score Verdict Price
2 Shark WV251UK Shark WV251UK 92 Good £ 115
3 Shark WV200UK Shark WV200UK 92 Good £ 115
4 Shark CH950UKT Shark CH950UKT 92 Good £ 59
5 Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure 88 Good £ 49
6 Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini 84 Satisfying £ 38

About our handheld vacuum cleaner test

In our test, each handheld vacuum cleaner has been rated on a scale of 0 - 100, with 100 being the highest score. The rating is based on user reviews, expert reviews, and hoover test results. All the data has been collected from the internet. Read more about how our ranking works here.

Handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide


Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. They can easily be held in one hand and their versatility makes them ideal for picking up dirt and debris. They are a particularly useful tool for those who have children and pets. Handheld vacuums can also be used for cleaning inside your car. They are lightweight and easy to use. Most are battery-powered, which makes them handy when cleaning up.
What to consider when choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner?

caret-up caret-down Runtime

If you’re looking to buy a cordless, battery-operated handheld vacuum cleaner, it is important to check its runtime. Most models can only clean for 15 to 30 minutes before their battery runs out. If you’re looking for something that will last longer, then you might want to consider getting a handheld model with a cord.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini is the handheld vacuum cleaner with the longest runtime: 30 min minutes. The average runtime among the 7 handheld vacuum cleaners is 14 minutes.

This chart shows how the runtime is distributed among handheld vacuum cleaners.

Distribution in runtime

June 28, 2022

caret-up caret-down Switches

Most handheld vacuum cleaners only have one control button—a power switch. Nevertheless, some models require you to press down on the power button as you work, which can be difficult and exhausting for some people. If you plan to use your handheld vacuum for chores, you might want to also look for one with varying speed levels.

caret-up caret-down Size and Weight

Handheld vacuum cleaner size

Before you buy your handheld vacuum, make sure to try and test it for weight and size. You want something easy to carry around and maneuver so that it doesn’t strain your wrist.

caret-up caret-down Attachments

If you intend to use the handheld vacuum cleaner for specific chores, such as picking up pet hairs off the furniture, make sure it comes with all the nozzles, brushes, and other attachments that you need.

caret-up caret-down Dust Bin

The size of the dust bin depends on the handheld vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking for something that won’t need to be emptied often, you will need a device with a larger dust bin capacity. It would also be good to get a handheld vacuum cleaner with a clear dust bin so that you know when you need to empty it.

caret-up caret-down Changeable Battery

Some handheld vacuum cleaners come with changeable batteries. This is a feature you might want to consider before you buy, especially if you know that you might need your handheld vacuum cleaner at a moment’s notice. With replaceable or changeable batteries, you can always have a set on standby or charging while you’re using the current one in your handheld vacuum cleaner, which will also double its battery life.

caret-up caret-down Wet & Dry

Some handheld vacuum cleaners are able to pick up more than just dust, dirt, and debris. There are some that can even clean damp dirt, water, and other liquids. This is particularly helpful if you live in a household with pets or small children so you can easily clean up after them.

Benefits of Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

They are small and portable

Handheld vacuums are small and easy to carry around. The type of grip varies from model to model, but in general, they are easy to hold and carry from one area in your home to another.
Often, handheld vacuums are also cordless, so you don’t have to worry about a cord getting tangled while you’re carrying your vacuum cleaner. Because many of them only need a battery to run, you can clean hard-to-reach spots without having to think about where to plug a cord or what to do if it doesn’t reach the spot you are trying to clean.

They are lightweight

Most handheld vacuum cleaners are very light and weigh less than five pounds. This makes them easy to carry around the house for quick cleaning. This is also perfect if you want to tidy up the seats and carpets of your car.

They clean up quickly and easily

Handheld vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning up sudden messes. If your pets or kids accidentally knock something over and you’re waiting for guests to arrive, you don’t need to panic. You can just get out your handheld vacuum cleaner, and let it do the job for you. Some vacuum cleaners are also particularly great at cleaning pet hairs while others can handle both wet and dry messes.

They are pretty powerful and versatile

You might be surprised at how powerful handheld vacuum cleaners are. Of course, the suction power will vary depending on the brand, but they are still very powerful despite their size and weight and do a good job of cleaning up. They also come with several attachments that help you clean between couch cushions, small spaces, and even your car seats. They can also pick up the dust and pet hairs and dust in the corners and under the furniture.

They are affordable and easy to maintain

Handheld vacuum cleaners are surprisingly quite affordable. While they will vary in terms of brand, quality, as well as the attachments and accessories they come with, on average, they will cost less than a hundred dollars. They are also usually bagless, so you won’t need to buy extra bags. You just have to open the dust bin and dump the contents into your trash.

Disadvantages of handheld vacuum cleaners

They can only clean so much

Because they are small, they also come with a small dust bin capacity, so you will have to empty them quite frequently. They’re great to have at home, but they won’t be able to clean as much or as long as the bigger vacuum cleaners.

You need to make sure the battery is charged

If you don’t keep the battery of your handheld vacuum cleaner charged at all times, you won’t be able to use it at a moment’s notice.

You have to be careful when emptying the dust

It’s easy to empty the dust bin of your handheld vacuum cleaner. However, if you or a family member are allergic to dust, you will have to empty it outside to avoid contaminating the air.

Which hand vacuum cleaner brand is the best?

In this brand comparison, we have rated each brand in our handheld vacuum cleaner test with at least 2 products represented. The table shows the average score for the handheld vacuum cleaner of each brand.

Rank Brand Score
1 Shark


caret-up caret-down Which handheld vacuum cleaner is the best?

In our handheld vacuum cleaner test, 7 models were tested. The best hand hoover is the Bissell 2278N Pet Hair Eraser which achieved a score of 92 out of 100 possible points. This is a ranking list of the 3 best handheld vacuum cleaners in June 2022.
Rank Image Handheld vacuum cleaner Score Verdict Price
2 Shark WV251UK Shark WV251UK 92 Good £ 115
3 Shark WV200UK Shark WV200UK 92 Good £ 115

Ranking list (7)

  1. 1
    Bissell 2278N Pet Hair Eraser
    Cordless handheld vacuum
    For Pet Hair
    Lithium Battery
    (4.6) 21381 reviews
  2. Cordless handheld vacuum
    For Pet Hair
    2 Batteries
    Exchangeable Battery
    (4.6) 5442 reviews
  3. Cordless handheld vacuum
    For Pet Hair
    Lithium Battery
    (4.6) 5384 reviews
  4. Cordless handheld vacuum
    For Pet Hair
    Lithium Battery
    (4.6) 2180 reviews
  5. Cordless handheld vacuum
    Lithium Battery
    (4.4) 357 reviews
  6. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
    Cordless handheld vacuum
    Lithium Battery
    (4.2) 2612 reviews
  7. 7
    Rowenta AC9736 X-Touch
    Cordless handheld vacuum
    Lithium Battery
    (4.2) 554 reviews
  8. Bissell 1987N Pet Hair Eraser
    Cordless handheld vacuum
    For Pet Hair
    (4.4) 2794 reviews


caret-up caret-down Product information
Bissell 2278N Pet Hair Eraser Shark WV251UK
Shark WV200UK
Name Bissell 2278N Pet Hair Eraser Shark WV251UK Shark WV200UK
Rank Rank 2 of 31 Rank 8 of 31 Rank 9 of 31
21381 reviews
5442 reviews
5384 reviews
Price 192 £ 115 £ 115 £
caret-up caret-down Battery
Max Runtime 18 min 8 min 8 min
Runtime in Turbo-mode 8 min
Charge Time 480 min 150 min 150 min
Battery Type Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Battery Voltage 14.4 V 10.8 V 10.8 V
Battery Capacity 1900 mAh
Exchangeable battery
caret-up caret-down Cleaning and functions
Type Cordless handheld vacuum Cordless handheld vacuum Cordless handheld vacuum
Dustbin Capacity 0.65 l 0.25 l 0.25 l
No. of suction powers 1 1
Noise Level 68 dB
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Wet & Dry
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 43.8 cm 42.0 cm 38.5 cm
Width 14.3 cm 5.5 cm 9.5 cm
Depth 19.7 cm 6.0 cm 22.0 cm
Weight 1.3 kg 1.9 kg 0.6 kg
caret-up caret-down Pros and cons
Large dust bin capacity
Comes with 3 cleaning attachments
Great for cleaning pet hairs
Inclusive of two detachable batteries
Compact and lightweight
Fast charging
With two cleaning nozzles
Compact and light
Comes with two cleaning attachments
Strong suction power
Charging dock has a tool storage
A bit expensive
Small dust bin
Very short battery life
Small dust container
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