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We have found the best Hoover vacuum cleaners. We have ranked 4 Hoover vacuum cleaners from best to worst, based on 6,673 user reviews and expert reviews. Our comparison of Hoover vacuum cleaners was last updated in June 2022.

02. June 2022

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  1. Upright vacuum cleaner
    (4.5) 422 reviews
  2. Cordless 2in1 vacuum cleaner
    For Pet Hair
    40 minutes Max Runtime
    Exchangeable Battery
    (4.3) 12699 reviews
  3. Bagged vacuum cleaner
    Light and Compact (4.1 kg kg)
    (4.3) 3439 reviews
  4. Upright vacuum cleaner
    (4.2) 2218 reviews
  5. Bagged vacuum cleaner
    Quiet (64 dB)
    For Pet Hair
    (4.2) 594 reviews
  6. Hoover FD 22 RP
    Cordless 2in1 vacuum cleaner
    25 minutes Max Runtime
    (3.9) 19653 reviews

Hoover vacuum cleaner guide

As the biggest name in the vacuum cleaner world, Hoover continues to make some of the best designs on the market. Used by professional cleaners and home owners alike, Hoover offers a wide range of conventional designs and innovative new products. Famous for their powerful upright and bagged vacuum cleaner models, Hoover also manufactures a growing range of stick vacuums, bagless vacuums, and handhelds for consumers across the world.

Hoover stickvac vacuums

Also known as hand stick vacuums or simply stick vacuums, these products represent the new stage of vacuum cleaner evolution. Stick vacuums are small, lightweight, and easy to manoeuvre around your home. While they lack the suction power and large dust bin capacity of traditional uprights and barrel vacuums, their ergonomic design and innovative feature set have made them a big hit with consumers. Hoover design and manufacture a number of stickvac units, including a number of innovative cordless models.
While stick vacuums are often associated with cordless models, there are both corded and cordless stick vacuums on the market. Cord-free models utilise efficient Li-ion or NiMH batteries, with operating time limited as a result. While you can clean all day with a corded vacuum, many stickvac designs are limited to 15-40 minutes per charge. The ability to run on batteries can also be a big advantage, however, with cordless models generally easier to use as you move from room to room.

Hoover bagless vacuums

Hoover produces a range of bagless vacuums, most of which feature a traditional barrel design. Barrel vacuums feature a cleaning head and tube connected to a barrel which follows behind you as you clean. Hoover bagless vacuums are designed to provide maximum suction power without the use of paper bags, with many models featuring multi-cyclonic technology to trap fine dirt particles and ensure a more effective clean. Cyclonic technology does away with bags by producing a tornado-like motion inside the vacuum cleaner chamber.
Bagless vacuums are popular with domestic users, with these designs more compact than large uprights but still powerful enough to provide an effective clean. Many units by Hoover come with HEPA filters as standard, along with multiple attachments, large dust capacities, and powerful motors capable of cleaning both carpets and hard floors. Hoover continues to innovate in this arena, with many of its bagless barrel vacuums featuring advanced self-propelling powerheads and multi-stage cyclonic technology.

Hoover bagged vacuums

Traditional bagged vacuum cleaners have always been available from Hoover, with these units also featuring a standard barrel design. Despite the popularity of cyclonic vacuums and other bagless models, bagged technology still offers a number of advantages to the modern consumer. First and foremost, the inclusion of paper bags can increase the suction power of some vacuum cleaners. Secondly, bags are also deemed to be more hygienic, with less dust and dirt escaping into the air when the bags are removed and emptied.
Thirdly, while conventional bagged designs often feel like old technology, they normally require less maintenance and cleaning compared to bagless designs. It’s important to note, however, that there is an additional expense involved with buying vacuum bags, albeit a small one. Hoover produces a number of conventional barrel vacuum cleaners with bags, including some that specialise in cleaning pet hair and feature washable HEPA carbon filtration.

Hoover upright vacuums

When most people think of Hoover vacuums, they’re likely to imagine a large and powerful upright vacuum cleaner. While these units are traditionally big and heavy, there has been a lot of crossover with the hand stick market in recent years. Upright and stick vacuums share a lot when it comes to design, with stick models basically a much lighter and more minimal version of upright vacuums. While Hoover still produces conventional uprights, cordless and stick models are starting to take over.
Upright vacuums offer numerous advantages over other vacuum designs, with these units large enough to include powerful motors and increased suction. Powerful 700 W motors are standard on Hoover uprights, along with large dust bins, multiple attachments, and detachable wands which dramatically increase the operating radius. While some people find upright vacuums to be heavy and cumbersome to use, others prefer them to barrel units which lack integration between the cleaning head and vacuum body.

Hoover handheld vacuums

Small, efficient handheld vacuums are more popular than ever, with Hoover producing a range of models to satisfy the needs of modern consumers. While these vacuum cleaners are not meant to be your only cleaning solution, they are a great way to compliment upright or barrel products. Handheld vacuums excel at quick and intricate cleaning tasks, such as furniture, cars, tables, curtains, and blinds. While the lack of an upright tube means you can’t comfortably clean your floors, the small form factor makes these designs perfect for pretty much everything else.
Hoover designs and manufactures a number of compact and lightweight handhelds, including models with 12 V and 18 V batteries. While the maximum operating time of these units is generally quite small at between 10-30 minutes, this is more than enough to handle spills, kitchen cleans, and simple everyday tasks that would be too difficult and annoying with large standard vacuum cleaners. Hoover also offers a number of 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners, which are stick vacuums that can transform into handhelds with the touch of a button or trigger.

Hoover commercial vacuums

Hoover is famous for their commercial vacuums, including large powerful uprights, backpack vacuums, and vacuums with wet and dry functionality. When people are choosing a vacuum cleaner for a commercial application, they have to take different factors into consideration. While ergonomics and weight are still important, practical factors such as power, capacity, and cleaning are likely to guide your decision.
Commercial vacuum cleaners often consist of a separate barrel with an attached tube and wand. While this is functionally identical to barrel vacuums for domestic applications, the barrel is likely to be much bigger and shaped vertically to accommodate a larger motor and dust bin. In order to increase speed of cleaning, some commercial models feature a backpack design. Many commercial vacuums also feature wet functionality, which means they can operate much like a mop in addition to a standard vacuum.

Hoover robot vacuums

Automated robotic vacuum cleaners have become very popular over recent years. While Hoover are not particularly active in this arena, they have started to produce robot models to complement their existing range of vacuums. Automated vacuum cleaners offer a number of advanced technological features, including smart navigation, multiple sensors, and WiFi connectivity. While their suction power and dust capacity is greatly reduced when compared to other vacuums, robot vacuums can be a great addition to any modern home.

Cleaning ability

Regardless of what vacuum cleaner you want to buy, it’s important to check the dust bin capacity, motor size, filter technology, and number and type of accessories. Vacuum cleaners are also rated for their carpet and hard floor cleaning performance, with energy efficiency and annual energy consumption ratings also available. While it’s also important to analyse power, you should make a selection based on the air watts rating rather than the wattage alone.

Filters and dust

The filter technology used has a big effect on performance, with some advanced filter systems able to pick up pet hair, minimise allergies, and help prevent asthma. Modern vacuum cleaners are rated for their dust re-emission performance. HEPA filters are often the best alternative, with replaceable electrostatic filters and double-walled bags also powerful.

Accessories and functionality

Along with the cleaning performance and filter design, accessories also have an important role to play. Common accessories include nozzles and brushes for different surfaces, tube extensions, and various cleaning tools. It’s also important to think about the overall functionality of the vacuum cleaner, including things like cord length, operating radius, and battery size if relevant.

Weight and sound and features

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, it’s important to look into the product details. The weight and size of the vacuum cleaner can have a big effect on your experience, along with its overall shape and whether it meets your storage needs. Detailed product dimensions are available for most models, as is the noise level, operating radius and other important specifications.

Which Hoover vacuum is right for you?

Before buying a Hoover vacuum cleaner, it’s important to do your homework and find a model that works for your home. Everyone has different needs and expectations from a vacuum cleaner, which is partly why there are so many different choices on the market in the first place. Factors that should influence your decision include the size of your home, your budget, and whether you have carpets or hard flooring. There is often a compromise you have to make between performance and ease-of-use, with smaller and lighter vacuums generally less powerful and feature rich.
It’s also important to distinguish between larger vacuums and smaller units that have been designed to complement existing cleaning solutions rather than replace them. While there are lots of people living in apartments who get by fine with a hand stick vacuum, most people would also need another solution. Other factors to consider when choosing a vacuum include whether or not you have pets and whether or not you suffer from allergies. Vacuum cleaners can vary a lot in this regard, with HEPA filters generally more expensive but also able to eliminate more fine dust particles from your home.


caret-up caret-down Product information
Hoover HU300RHM Hoover SE71 WR01
Hoover TH31BO02
Name Hoover HU300RHM Hoover SE71 WR01 Hoover TH31BO02
Rank Rank 7 of 10 Rank 9 of 10 Rank 9 of 10
422 reviews
3439 reviews
2218 reviews
Price 126 £ 93 £ 79 £
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Energy Efficiency
Power 800 w 700 w 350 w
Annual energy consumption 27.0 kWh 28.0 kWh 22.0 kWh
caret-up caret-down Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance D
Hard floor cleaning performance A
caret-up caret-down Filter
Dust Re-emission Class D
Filter HEPA 13
caret-up caret-down Technical Details
Noise Level 80 dB 85 dB 80 dB
Capacity 1.5 l 1.5 l 3.0 l
Operating Radius 10.6 m 5.0 m 10.0 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 114.7 cm
Width 30.0 cm
Depth 32.0 cm
Weight 4.9 kg 4.1 kg kg 4.9 kg
caret-up caret-down Pros and cons
Equipped with an active hose
Comes with 3 cleaning attachments
Cleaning attachments are integrated into the vacuum
Affordable price
Can't clean under low-lying furniture
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