The Best Integrated Wine Coolers

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Which integrated wine coolers are the best? Based on reviews by 71 users we have compared wine coolers and found the best ones. In total we have compared 6 integrated wine coolers.

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  1. The Best Built-In Wine Cooler

    Haier HWS84GNF
    Electrical discount £499 £599
    Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 84 bottles
    (4.7) 35 reviews
  2. Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 54 bottles
    (4.9) 10 reviews
  3. AEG AWUS052B5B £659 £659
    Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 52 bottles
    (4.8) 8 reviews
  4. The Cheapest

    Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 20 bottles
    (4.7) 7 reviews
  5. AEG AWUS020B5B £599 £599
    Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 20 bottles
    (4.9) 7 reviews
  6. Bosch KUW20VHF0G £899 £899
    Built-in wine cooler
    Capacity: 21 bottles
    (4.8) 4 reviews
Reviews and scores updated on February 2, 2024. Price updated daily.
11. September 2023

Which integrated wine cooler is the best?

Haier HWS84GNF
The Haier HWS84GNF is the best integrated wine cooler

According to our comparison, the best integrated wine cooler is the Haier HWS84GNF, which scores 94/100. The Haier HWS84GNF costs £499 and can store 84 bottles.

You can find all the best integrated wine coolers in our ranking list here and all the best wine coolers overall here.

About integrated wine coolers

An integrated wine cooler, often called a built-in wine cooler, is a specialized appliance designed for storing and cooling wine bottles at the perfect temperature and humidity levels. Unlike standalone wine coolers, integrated wine coolers are created to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen cabinetry or overall interior design. They’re meant to be installed within cabinets or under countertops, giving your kitchen or living space a neat and unified look.

What is the price for an integrated wine cooler?

Integrated wine coolers are available at different price points. The cheapest integrated wine refrigerator is the Haier HWS84GNF, which costs £499 and the most expensive model is the Bosch KUW20VHF0G, priced at £899.

The following chart compares the price distribution among the integrated wine coolers with the freestanding wine coolers:

Updated February 20, 2024


caret-up caret-down Product information
Haier HWS84GNF Hisense RW18W4NSWGF
Name Haier HWS84GNF Hisense RW18W4NSWGF AEG AWUS052B5B
35 reviews
10 reviews
8 reviews
Price £499 £529 £659
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Energy label
Annual energy consumption 110 kWh 107 kWh 148 kWh
caret-up caret-down Characteristics
LED interior lighting
UV protection
No. of temperature zones 1 1 1
Number of shelves 6 6 6
Capacity in bottles 84 54 52
Net content 145 l
Sound level 37 dB 45 dB 42 dB
Sound level class C D D
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 127.0 cm 86.2 cm 82.0 cm
Width 49.7 cm 59.5 cm 59.5 cm
Depth 58.5 cm 60.0 cm 56.5 cm
Weight 51.5 kg 48.5 kg
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