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Want to find the best ovens with app control? We have ranked 2 ovens with app control from best to worst, based on reviews by 66 users.

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  1. The Best

    Miele H7164BP
    Very good
    Built-in oven
    Steam function
    76 liter capacity
    (4.9) 16 reviews
  2. The Cheapest

    Samsung NV7B45205AS
    Built-in oven
    Steam function
    76 liter capacity
    (4.7) 40 reviews
Reviews and scores updated on February 2, 2024. Price updated daily.
15. September 2023


Miele H7164BP
The Miele H7164BP is the best oven with app control in our comparison

Ovens with app control, also known as smart ovens, are kitchen appliances that offer remote operation, monitoring, and control through a smartphone or tablet app. This integration of technology into ovens brings convenience, flexibility, and the ability to manage cooking tasks from anywhere, even when you’re not in the kitchen.


  • Remote operation: With smart ovens, you can remotely control various oven functions using a dedicated mobile app. This includes tasks like preheating the oven, adjusting cooking temperatures and times, selecting cooking modes, and toggling the oven on and off.
  • Monitoring and alerts: The app provides real-time updates on the cooking process, allowing you to monitor the oven’s temperature, check remaining cooking time, and receive notifications when your food is ready or when specific cooking stages are completed.
  • Recipe integration: Some smart ovens feature built-in recipe databases accessible through the app. Simply choose a recipe, and the oven automatically adjusts its settings to match the recipe’s requirements.
  • Customization and presets: You can create and save your preferred cooking presets or favorite settings within the app to simplify the process of recreating your preferred cooking conditions for specific dishes.
  • Multi-tasking and convenience: Ovens with app control are invaluable when multitasking or when you’re away from home. Start preheating the oven while you’re still at work, ensuring it’s ready to cook when you return.
  • Voice control: Many smart ovens integrate seamlessly with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling control of oven functions using voice commands.
  • Software updates and improvements: Manufacturers regularly provide software updates to the oven’s app, potentially introducing new features, enhancing performance, and addressing any emerging issues.


  • Reliability on technology: Ovens with app control rely heavily on technology, including a stable internet connection and the app’s functionality. Connectivity issues or app malfunctions can disrupt your ability to remotely control the oven.
  • Learning curve: Using the app and understanding its features may require a learning curve, especially for those less familiar with smart devices or technology. This initial challenge might deter some users from fully utilizing the oven’s capabilities.
  • Compatibility issues: Not all smart oven apps are compatible with every type of smartphone or tablet. Depending on your device’s operating system, you might find that the app isn’t available for your platform.
  • App updates and compatibility: As smartphone operating systems and app platforms evolve, there may be instances where the oven’s app becomes incompatible with the latest updates. This can lead to compatibility issues and render the app unusable until the manufacturer updates it.
  • Security concerns: Any internet-connected device can potentially be vulnerable to security breaches. If not properly secured, a smart oven’s app could serve as an entry point for hackers to access your network or control your oven.
  • Limited accessibility: If multiple users or family members use the oven, coordinating access through the app may not be as simple as using physical controls. This could lead to confusion or difficulty in managing the oven’s settings.
  • Cost: Ovens with app control tend to be more expensive due to the added technology and features. This cost may not be justified for individuals who prefer traditional cooking methods.

Are ovens with app control expensive?

The average price for ovens with app control is £1043, while the average cost for all ovens is £473.

The following chart illustrates the price distribution for ovens with app control compared to ovens without app control:

Updated February 20, 2024

The cheapest oven with app control is the Samsung NV7B45205AS, priced at £485.

How many ovens are built with app control?

6% of the ovens in our comparison have app control.

Does the oven have app control

No (94%)
Yes (6%)
Updated February 20, 2024


caret-up caret-down Product information
Miele H7164BP Samsung NV7B45205AS
Name Miele H7164BP Samsung NV7B45205AS
16 reviews
40 reviews
Price £1,600 £485
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Energy rating
Energy consumption, conventional heat 1.10 kWh 1.05 kWh
Energy consumption, hot air 0.71 kWh 0.71 kWh
caret-up caret-down Functions
Volume 76 l 76 l
Self cleaning Pyrolytic Catalysis
Steam function
Soft close
Built-in microwave
Child safety
Interior lighting
Inside material Enamel
Grill function
Min. temperature
Max. temperature
caret-up caret-down Dimensions
Height 59.0 cm 59.6 cm
Width 59.5 cm 59.5 cm
Depth 55.0 cm 55.0 cm
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