The 10 Most Energy-Saving American Fridge Freezers

27. February 2024

Which American fridge freezer saves the most energy? In this article, we’ve listed each model included in our comparison of American fridge freezers, ranging from the model with the lowest energy consumption to the one with the highest.


Top 10 most energy-saving American fridge freezers

American fridge freezer Energy consumption
224 kWh
225 kWh
225 kWh
253 kWh
279 kWh
280 kWh
280 kWh
295 kWh
309 kWh
312 kWh
Updated July 14, 2024 | See the full list

Energy label

The energy label for an American fridge freezer
The energy label for an American fridge freezer

American fridge freezers come in various sizes and represent the latest innovations. They tend to have higher running costs than traditional freezers due to their considerably large capacity. However, modern technology has generally made them more efficient. Many models feature better compressors, improved interior lighting using cooler LED lights and energy-saving functions. The energy consumption also depends on the choice of settings; you can decrease the temperature when it is not full to consume less energy. The most sophisticated models are furnished with high-tech doors you can tap to see through without opening the door, thus keeping the cool air intact. Some models dispense ice and water with closed doors, too.

All American fridge freezers have an energy label, as European Law requires. The energy label makes it easier to compare the fridge freezers.

The energy label provides information on:

  • Energy rating (from A to G, whereas A is the best possible)
  • Annual energy consumption
  • Freezing capacity
  • Cooling capacity
  • Noise emission
  • Noise emission class

Energy consumption

The energy effieincy class
The energy efficiency class

The following diagram shows the distribution in energy rating across the 45 American fridge freezers represented in our comparison:

E (44%)
F (40%)
C (9%)
D (7%)
Updated July 14, 2024

The chart below shows how the annual energy consumption is distributed across American fridge freezers.

The chart shows that the American fridge freezer with the lowest annual energy consumption uses 224 kWh, whereas the model with the highest consumes 460 kWh.

Energy consumption
Energy consumption
Updated July 14, 2024

Comparison in electricity cost

per kWh

What is the difference in electricity cost across American fridge freezers?

The American fridge freezer with the lowest energy consumption uses 224 kWh annually. Based on an electricity cost of £0.3 per kWh, this gives an annual electricity cost of £67.

In comparison, the American fridge freezer with the highest energy consumption uses 460 kWh annually. This gives an annual electricity cost of £138.


American fridge-freezer Annual energy consumption Annual energy costs
Most energy-efficient American fridge-freezer 224 kWh £67
Least energy-efficient American fridge-freezer 460 kWh £138
Average American fridge-freezer 350 kWh £105


Comparison of power consumption with other major appliances

How much electricity does an American refrigerator consume compared to other major appliances? We compare this in the graph below, which shows the average electricity consumption of numerous large appliances:

Updated July 14, 2024

*The energy consumption of refrigerators is based on the annual energy consumption.
*The energy consumption of washing machines, washer dryers, and dishwashers is based on 100 cycles.
*The energy consumption of dryers is based on 160 cycles.

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