The 10 Robot Vacuum Cleaners with the Highest Suction Power

18. July 2023

Want to find the best robot vacuum cleaners with the highest suction power? Check out the 10 with the highest suction power, here.

Top 10 robot vacuum cleaners with highest suction power

Robot vacuum cleaner Suction power
7000 Pa
7000 Pa
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra 6000 Pa
6000 Pa
6000 Pa
5500 Pa
5500 Pa
5500 Pa
5500 Pa
5500 Pa
Updated July 14, 2024 | See the full list

About the suction power

A robot vacuum cleaner’s suction power is measured in Pascals (Pa), and varies from 850 Pa to 7000 Pa.

You can see the distribution in suction power in the following chart:

Updated July 14, 2024

Why pick a robot vacuum cleaner with a high suction power?

Robot vacuum cleaner suction power

You will typically find a robot vacuum with a high suction power in the medium to high price range, and it is definitely worth the investment. With high suction power, a robot vacuum can easily pick up everything from fine specks, to large crumbs and pet hairs, off any type of floor. It can also remove the fine particles trapped between wooden floors, and deep-clean your carpets down to the very roots. This feature is perfect for those who want a robot vacuum that will thoroughly clean their homes, and leave their floors looking spotless.

To sum up, the advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner with a higher suction power come down to:

  • Deeper cleaning on carpets
  • Easily picking up larger crumbs
  • Removing the dirt trapped between floor planks

The disadvantages are:

  • Higher price
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