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Upright vacuum cleaner
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Shark HV390UK
Upright vacuum cleaner
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Shark NV601UKT
Upright vacuum cleaner
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Product information
Shark NV681UKT Shark HV390UK Shark NV601UKT
Name Shark NV681UKT Shark HV390UK Shark NV601UKT
Noten 0/100 0/100 0/100
0 reviews
0 reviews
0 reviews
Price 199 £ £ £
Energy consumption
Energy Efficiency
Power 750 w 450 w 750 w
Annual energy consumption 23.0 kWh 19.7 kWh 24.0 kWh
Annual energy price 3,5 £ 2,9 £ 3,6 £
Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance B D B
Hard floor cleaning performance C C C
Dust Re-emission Class A A A
Technical Details
Noise Level 80 dB 80 dB 80 dB
Capacity 1.1 l 1.0 l 1.65 l
Operating Radius 10.0 m 11.8 m 10.0 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube
Dimensions and weight
Height 118.8 cm
Width 26.0 cm
Depth 34.0 cm
Weight 6.1 kg 4.0 kg 6.2 kg

Shark vacuum cleaner guide

Shark is one of the leading vacuum cleaner and floor-care brands in the world. As a pioneer in vacuums and related products, Shark produces a wide range of designs to suit a growing number of global users. Shark has a long and proud history in appliance manufacture, originating in Europe before moving to Canada and then the United States. Shark continues to produce a diverse selection of vacuum cleaners for the modern market, including corded stick vacuums, cord-free stick vacuums, cord-free uprights, conventional uprights, and compact handhelds.

Shark corded stick vacuums

Stick vacuum cleaners, also known as hand stick vacuums, are one of the more popular variations in the current marketplace. While most stick vacuums feature a cordless design, Shark also produces corded stick vacuums for people who don’t want to compromise on suction power or operating time.

While cordless models are easy to move from room to room, their reliance on battery power does provide them with severe limitations. Even though lithium-ion batteries are improving all the time, even the most advanced cordless stick vacuums rarely outlast 45 minutes.
Shark’s corded stick models provide the performance of an upright with the light weight and manoeuvrability of a hand stick. These designs are fantastic when you need to clean those hard to reach places, such as under the sofa, in the pantry, or on the stairs. With a versatile tube, multiple attachments, and a comfortable handle, your home will look cleaner than ever before. Along with having a longer operating time and no need to recharge, corded units generally have a higher air watts rating and more suction power.

Shark cord-free stick vacuums

Cord-free stick vacuums, also known as cordless vacuums or hand sticks, feature a slim lightweight design and operate on battery power. The cordless stick vacuum market has exploded in recent years, with innovations by Dyson and other manufacturers bringing powerful small motors and efficient batteries to the marketplace. Shark’s cord-free stick designs promise impressive suction power and performance without the high price associated with other companies.
These cord-free vacuum cleaners are versatile and easy to use, with Shark paying close attention to ergonomics during design and manufacture. While cordless stick vacuums are slightly compromised regarding their power and operating time, they more than make up for it through freedom and flexibility. When people buy a cord-free stick vacuum cleaner, they’re generally amazed by just how easy vacuuming can really be. Shark offers ultra-light stick vacuum cleaners with lithium-ion batteries and duo-clean capabilities for carpets and hard flooring.

Shark cord-free upright vacuums

Traditional upright vacuum cleaners provide maximum performance and impressive dust bin capacity, but all this power comes at a price. Not only are these units heavy and cumbersome, they can also be loud and difficult to use. In order to tackle these problems, Shark decided to produce a new type of cord-free upright vacuum. This unit is somewhere between a traditional upright and a new stick model, with a removable lithium-ion battery combined with a larger dust bin capacity and better overall performance.
Cord-free uprights are gaining popularity around the world, with people wanting the freedom and versatility of stick models with the power and functionality of traditional uprights. While there are not many of these designs on the market, they do fill a gap in the market. Shark’s cord-free upright is actually a 3-in-1 design, which makes it more flexible than pretty much everything else on the market. Along with being a reasonably powerful upright, it’s also a stick vacuum and a handheld, all with the touch of a button.

Shark upright vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaners still offer numerous advantages over other designs, including increased suction power, larger dust bin capacities, and better all-round performance. These traditional vacuum cleaners are often heavy and clunky, however, which is why their market share has been diminishing over the last few decades. Rather than attempting to tackle a large and cumbersome vacuum cleaner, people generally prefer to use a less powerful but more portable solution.
According to Shark, however, there’s nothing traditional about their uprights, which have been designed with innovative Lift-Away technology to give users three ways to clean. In an attempt to redefine the traditional upright, these Shark models can be used in powered lift-away mode, above floor cleaning mode, and standard upright mode. Unlike traditional uprights, you can use these models on stairs, under furniture, and around corners thanks to extra-long cords. Shark has included a wide range of accessories on their upright vacuums, with dedicated pet tools and other attachments used to maximise cleaning performance.

Shark handheld vacuums

Small and compact handheld vacuums fulfil an important role in the vacuum cleaner landscape. While they’re not meant to be your only cleaning solution, handheld vacuums are the perfect way to complement larger and more powerful models. Shark design and manufacture cordless handhelds that make it easier for you to clean your daily mess. Handhelds are perfect for the jobs that other vacuums can’t do, such as cleaning the back seat of your car or the crumbs at the bottom of the sofa.

Shark steam mops

Along with a large and diverse range of vacuum cleaners, Shark also produces steam mops for people who want to look after their hard floors. Rather than dealing with large and cumbersome steam cleaners, these modern solutions from Shark make it easier than ever to sanitise your home without chemicals using water alone. Designed with a slim form factor that is easy to use and move from room to room, the Shark steam mop is the perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Cleaning ability

The overall cleaning ability and performance of each vacuum cleaner is dependent on multiple factors, including dust capacity, suction power, motor size, filter technology, and accessories. You can look up the carpet and hard floor cleaning performance of each model, with an energy efficiency and annual consumption rating also available from many websites.

Filters and dust

Whether you’re buying a large barrel vacuum or a small stick model, the filter system used has a massive effect on overall performance. Along with looking at the dust re-emission class, you can also look into the specifications of the filter technology used. While HEPA filters are able to eliminate a minimum of 99.7 percent of all dust particles from your home, they can be more expensive. HEPA filters are generally recommended for people with pets or anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

Accessories and functionality

The accessories included can have an important effect on the user experience, especially if you want to use your vacuum on multiple surfaces. While most vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning hardwood, tiles and other hard flooring, performance on carpets and rugs can vary considerably and often depends on the accessories included. Standard attachments and tools include crevice nozzles, various brushes, tube extensions, and dedicated cleaning tools.

Weight, sound and features

It’s always important to check product details when comparing vacuum cleaner models, with big differences existing between models and manufacturers. For example, you should always analyse the weight and size of the vacuum cleaner in question, along with the noise level, and operating radius. Even the colour and shape should be taken into consideration, especially if you plan on storing the unit out in the open or in a tightly confined space.

What Shark vacuum is right for you?

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to sit down and compare all of the options available to you. Along with your budget, it’s important to think about the size of your home, how often you want to clean it, and whether or not you want the freedom of using a cordless model. While you will have to make compromises either way, it’s important to decide between the power and capacity of barrel and upright models and the versatility and compact design of stick and handheld models.
For most people, buying two vacuum cleaners makes a lot of sense. When you have two different models to choose from, you can use the larger and more powerful vacuum for weekly deep cleans and the smaller model for quick and easy daily cleans. Modern hand stick and handheld designs are ideal for this purpose, with most models coming with their own docking station and operating on battery power for the ultimate in freedom and versatility. Shark design and manufacture a full spectrum of vacuum cleaner models, so you can mix and match designs to suit your budget and meet the demands of your home.

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