Energy consumption

Energy consumption

600 w

Capacity | Bag Size

Capacity | Bag Size

1.0 l

Operating Radius

Operating Radius

5.0 m

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Pros and cons

During our research of VYTRONIX CSU600, we have read several reviews from buyers. In short, this is what the buyers think of VYTRONIX CSU600

5 Pros
  • Many buyers are happy with the suction power and lightweight of the Vytronix upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Several buyers are pleased with the efficiency of vacuum cleaner in removing pet hair and other crumbs from carpets and rugs.
  • Most customers are impressed with the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner for the price paid.
  • Customers expressed that the vacuum cleaner being bagless frees you from the worries of replacing the bags or maintain a stock of dust bags.
  • Reviews of the buyers reveal that the vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight and works well for daily vacuuming needs.
2 Cons
  • Few customers complained that the filter always gets clogged with fur and pet hair and needs frequent cleaning.
  • There are also complaints from a few customers that the vacuum comes with an extremely short power cord and needs an extension cord for operating even in small rooms.
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Energy consumption
600 w
Cleaning performance
Technical Details
1.0 l
Operating Radius
5.0 m
Dimensions and weight

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June 28, 2022

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The VYTRONIX CSU600 is a corded upright vacuum cleaner with a compact and lightweight design. This model is ergonomic, bagless, and features a 1 L dust capacity. Like many modern uprights, this vacuum cleaner can convert to a handheld with ease, making it an ideal solution when you need to clean the car or outdoor entertainment area.

Energy consumption

This vacuum cleaner is powerful and energy efficient with 600 W of cleaning muscle. As a corded model, the CSU600 has more power than most cordless stick vacuums. The VYTRONIX CSU600 has not been given an energy class or annual consumption rating by the manufacturer.

Cleaning ability

This vacuum cleaner can function on hard flooring and low pile carpets. The VYTRONIX CSU600 features a 2-in-1 design, which means it can convert to a handheld with the push of a button. This model has not been given a cleaning performance class by the manufacturer.

Filter and dust emission

The VYTRONIX CSU600 features an advanced HEPA filter, which is capable of capturing 99.9 percent of all fine dust particles. This high-efficiency particulate air filter has been designed to trap micro-sized particles, which makes it a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. This model comes with a 1 L dust capacity container, which is bigger than most of its competition.

Functionality and features

As a 2-in-1 unit, this affordable corded vacuum is made for both tight spaces and domestic floors. A number of accessories have been included, with the floor head and crevice tool making it easy to clean under furniture or in other out of the way spaces. This corded model acts as an affordable and powerful alternative to a cordless handheld without the restricted operating time or need for charging.


The VYTRONIX CSU600 weighs just 2 kg, which makes it easy to move and use all over your house. This vacuum cleaner comes with a long 5 m power cord for easy operation, a large 1 L dust capacity, and product dimensions of 135 x 26 x 14.5 cm.

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VYTRONIX CSU600 Shark Anti Hair Wrap NZ850UK
Shark NZ801UKT
Name VYTRONIX CSU600 Shark Anti Hair Wrap NZ850UK Shark NZ801UKT
Rank Rank 12 of 10 Rank 1 of 10 Rank 2 of 10
4648 reviews
11459 reviews
11457 reviews
Price £ 220 £ 302 £
caret-up caret-down Energy consumption
Energy Efficiency
Power 600 w 800 w 750 w
Annual energy consumption
caret-up caret-down Cleaning performance
Carpet cleaning performance
Hard floor cleaning performance
caret-up caret-down Filter
Dust Re-emission Class
caret-up caret-down Technical Details
Noise Level 80 dB
Capacity 1.0 l 1.3 l 0.8 l
Operating Radius 5.0 m 9.6 m
Variable Power Controls
Telescopic Tube No
caret-up caret-down Dimensions and weight
Height 135.0 77.5 cm 117.0 cm
Width 26.0 32.0 cm 26.0 cm
Depth 14.5 31.0 cm 30.0 cm
Weight 2.0 6.6 kg 6.7 kg

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User reviews
4.648 Reviews

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4.648 reviews

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