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My name is Klaus, and I am the creator of Reoverview.co.uk. The purpose of this site is to provide a publicly available opinion score on products based on reviews. Every product is rated from 1-100 based on user and expert reviews available online.

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How is the score calculated? The score is measured from four constituents: User reviews, the amount of user reviews, expert reviews, and the price.

User reviews are the main factor. We collect reviews from selected online sources.

If a product has less than 12 user reviews and no expert reviews, the product will not receive a score. The underlying data volume would not be sufficiently representative. If the product has 12 reviews or just slightly more, points will be deducted from the score due to inadequate underlying data volume.

A product may have 1 score point added if it has a ‘good-price’ indication. ‘Good-price’ indication means a higher value for money.
Expert reviews are collected from multiple online sources.

By using an automated score system, we aim to provide an objective assessment of the product based on user satisfaction.


How do we compare prices? We collect prices from a line of distributors, which include partners that provide us commission if customers buy their products through our page (read more on Wikipedia here), and normal webshops without any relation to us. Similar online portals offer better and more comprehensive price comparisons than what we can offer, but internal comparison analytics show that our featured prices are just as low as those of competing sites, or perhaps even lower.
If you want your webshop featured on our site, we recommend signing up for an affiliate program.
How does our price history work? Our price history shows the lowest price from a specific week (from our price comparison), which allows you to compare the current price with previous prices for the product.

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